For the technically minded- or anal-retentive-  folk amongst you, here is some additional information. Original colour images were shot on Kodachrome 64 prior to 1985, and Fujichrome Velvia 50, 100 or Provia 100F thereafter. Black and White images were on Ilford XP1 or 2 or produced by channel-mixing from original colour.

Nearly all images dating from 1980 to 2000 were photographed with manual Olympus analog SLRs- a mix of OM2s, OM4s and OM4-Tis, with superb Zuiko prime lenses from 21 to 200mm.  

My current digital gear is based around Canon 5DII (full-frame) and 550D (APS-C) bodies, with L series 17-40 F4, 24-70 F2.8, 24-105 F4 IS, 70-200 F2.8 and F4L IS, 100-400 F4/5.6L zoom lenses, together with 20, 50 and 85mm primes and the 17-55 F2.8 and 10-22 zooms for the 550D. Tasty... I also use a Canon G10 and Panasonic G1 (M4/3) for lightweight shoots.

The earlier film-based images here were scanned from original transparencies at 4000 or 5400 dpi with Microtek or Minolta dedicated film scanners.  Images were then post-processed in Photoshop, currently in CS 5 version. 

From early 2005, I have been shooting digital only.  I always shoot RAW, and process with  DxO, Canon DPP3.8 and Photoshop CS5 (ACR) Engines.

Images displayed on this website are derived from totally uncompressed single layer RGB 8-bit tiff files, typically 50- 100 Mb size. So, what  you see here has typically been compressed by a factor of about 2000. Just imagine what the originals look like...

In the great tradition of Doom™ and Quake™, three secret images are hidden in this site. See if you can find them without peeking at the source html!! (Or cheat here)

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